How to Use Hashtags in Social Media- A Beginner’s Guide

Before knowing the hashtag, you recognize who the hash is named, in fact, the hash (#) may be a symbol that some people also call a pound, which you’ll also see in your mobile keypad and keypad , for those that don’t realize it. So, it’s of no use except checking the balance in mobile, except for those that are active on social media and know the meaning of hashtag, it’s a logo of tons of labor.

You must have seen the ‘#’ check in the east of a specific word repeatedly from Twitter to Facebook. It works to convert the given word into a link and therefore, the whole game starts from here!

So now let’s talk hashtag of hash tag was first utilized in 2007 but at that point anybody paid much attention there to but since 2013 it’s become very trending, and now there are many posts in someone’s post on Facebook If the hashtag # appears, then it’s actually placed # on social media ahead of a word, then it redirects that word, i.e. the word that’s followed by its # sign is converted into a link, whoever clicks thereon hashtag. If you are doing that word all the posts associated with you’ll be visible, so during this way, it make your post less accessible to maximize people.


Whenever there’s a subject trending on social media, and then you want to have seen there’s a hashtag ahead of it. And as soon as you click there on, you’ll see all the comments, links and articles associated with that topic at an equivalent time. Many of us associate any such article with a trending hashtag that has nothing to try to with it. By this method it reaches many of us, but it spoils the image of your blog or website and other people don’t want to hitch it and understand that this is often a spam post.

How to Use HASHTAG?

You can use it very easily on any social media. If you are doing not skills to use it well then you can’t enjoy it. But if you recognize the way to use it, then you’ll benefit greatly from it.

For example, if i would like to make a hashtag for my blog, then i will be able to write it as follows.

#digital_marketing_company_canada (right way)

#DigitalMarketing CompanyCanada (Wrong Way)

#digital #marketing #company #canada (Wrong Way)

Tips for Choose HASHTAG

• Suppose someone writes a poem and needs to share it on Facebook with a hashtag, and then you initially select an appropriate word for it and sort it within the address bar. Such as you have chosen “# verse” for your poem. So type it within the address bar verse. This may make it easier for you to seek out which hashtag is popular and which should be used.

• If you would like to attach with more and more fans or friends, then you usually need to pay special attention to trending hashtag. And even have to share your article with an equivalent trending tag.

• People on Twitter take special care of its use because there’s a word limit on Twitter. But there’s no word limit on Facebook. However, while choosing this, confine mind that the word should be minimal and it should be unattractive to the people. There’s no benefit in using an excessive amount of hashtag on Facebook.

• you’ll use hashtag on any social media, but make it quite 2-3 tags.

• Never use words that are simple, accurate, and straightforward to recollect. Long and vague hashtags shouldn’t be used because this causes visitors or users to become confused.

• It’s a two-way medium. People also can come to your article by clicking on your hashtag, or they will also attend another article by clicking thereon. For this reason, it’s beneficial to look using the hashtag very carefully.

• Through hashtag and social media, you’ll easily reach your blog or website to several people and obtain excellent traffic.

• Use super-popular theme tags (with millions of users) and less popular hashtags (with a few users). This will increase your chances of seeing yourself on Instagram.

• Search for plurals. Some subject labels for plurals are less competitive. This means that people will see more opportunities. The form of plural usually also represents a community.