8 Best SEO Audit Tools to Evaluate Your Visibility in 2023 (Free & Paid)

SEO Audit tools

Website SEO audit is no laughing matter. Working day in and day out takes a significant amount of time and resources. The auditor must look through hundreds of pages, which necessitates a strong eye for detail. I’m always looking for the greatest tools that SEO auditors use to make their jobs easier.

Today, there are several tools on the market that make the job of SEO auditors much simpler. Auditor manual audits of each website only take a short amount of time. Today, it’s simple to find hundreds of websites with audit tools that can assist you find issues with your website.

We’ll talk about SEO audit tools in this article. However, before learning about the seo auditing tools, let’s quickly go over what a seo audit is and why it’s vital.

Let’s get started.

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a procedure that evaluates how well your web presence adheres to best practices; it is the first stage in developing an implementation strategy that will produce quantifiable results.

The audit’s goal is to find all the fundamental problems that are hurting the performance of organic search. An SEO audit will demonstrate:

  • Technical SEO issues
  • Website structure issues
  • On-page SEO issues
  • Potential off-site problems
  • User experience issues
  • Content gaps and opportunities
  • Competitive marketplace insights

An audit is a routine activity that need to be carried out on a regular basis; think of it as a “health check” for your website.

Why is it Important to Perform an SEO Audit?

SEO audits are an essential part of keeping your SEO strategy up-to-date. If your website isn’t adequately search engine optimized, you’re losing out on a large quantity of search engine traffic as well as prospective customer attention.

There are various reasons why you should conduct an SEO audit on your website. Here are just a few examples:

  • Algorithm updates: In order to deliver better search results, search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing frequently modify their algorithms. You should be aware of these updates so that you may modify the content of your website as necessary.
  • Webmaster Guidelines: Because popular webmaster tools like Google and Bing are always changing, you must ensure that you are compatible.
  • Website Errors: It is critical to ensure that your site does not contain any error messages or broken links. By running the audit, you’ll be able to identify the mistakes and reroute them to gain back lost traffic.
  • Titles and Meta Data: When you appear in search results, people will scan your title tags and meta descriptions first. It is critical that they are related to the site’s content.
  • Obsolete Content: Your website may include outdated content. It’s crucial to give search engines new, relevant information as well as a cause to revisit your website. If visitors to your website aren’t returning after six months, you should either reassess the material or remove it.

A Quick Look at SEO Audit Tools & Their Key Features

SEO Audit ToolBest FeaturePricing
SEMrush Site Audit ToolAn effective SEO auditing tool that offers all the tools you need to evaluate important SEO variablesSEMrush provides both free and premium versions of its platform. SEMrush will evaluate up to 100 web pages with each audit in the free version. This free audit can be used once every week.
Google Search ConsoleGoogle Search console¬†can be used to track your site’s performance and diagnose technical SEO concerns.Google Search Console is a completely free service. To use the platform, you merely need to prove ownership of your site in order to receive Google search data.
SiteChecker ProSchedule crawls ahead of time and utilise criteria to tailor your SEO audits.SiteChecker Pro is a premium SEO auditing tool. It includes three plans:
Basic: $29 per month Startup: $49 per month Growing: $99 per month
Ahrefs SEO Site Audit ToolGet an overall health score for your website, as well as charts with crawl information and a list of key SEO issues.There are four plans available:
Lite: $99 per month
Standard: $179 per month
Advanced: $399 per month
Agency: $999 per month
MOZWith Moz Pro, you can complete tasks like site audits, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and keyword research.STANDARD: $99/month
MEDIUM: $179/mo
LARGE: $299/mo
PREMIUM: $599/mo
Screaming Frog SEO SpiderAnalyze your metadata and site design, look for broken links and duplicate or redirecting material, etc.The commercial version costs £149/year and includes unlimited URL crawling as well as scheduled crawls and integrations with Google Analytics, Search Console, PageSpeed Insights, and other services.
Pagespeed InsightsGoogle has a free tool that may be used to identify and address website performance problems.PageSpeed Insights is a completely free SEO auditing tool.
SERanking Website AuditExamine your site’s important search criteria in an easy-to-use tool with excellent reporting capabilities.SERanking is a premium tool, and you must sign up for a package that includes all of the software’s SEO functions in order to use the site audit tool.

List of 10 Best SEO Auditing Tools in 2022

A frequent SEO audit should be performed by every website owner. They enable you to detect and rectify critical issues that can have a negative influence on your search rankings.

However, examining all of your pages manually could take a long time. Automating the process while making sure all the crucial elements are examined is made possible by SEO audit tools.

Here, we’ll look at 8 free & paid SEO audit tools that will provide you with the greatest information for enhancing your SEO techniques.

1. SEMrush Site Audit Tool

semrush site sudit tool

SEMrush is a prominent website optimization tool that provides a comprehensive array of SEO capabilities. It includes a plethora of tools for anything from keyword research to rank tracking.

Among these tools is an effective SEO audit software that includes everything you need to assess important SEO parameters.

Key Features

  • locating a competitor’s ad copy
  • Awareness of a competitor’s advertising spending and plans
  • Backlink analysis
  • Finding the best publishers and advertisers
  • We create efficient marketing campaigns.
  • Find the most effective PPC and SEO keywords.
  • Export comprehensive analytical reports to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Comprehensive website auditing and position tracking.
  • comprehensive website auditing and position tracking.



2. Google Search Console


The Google Search Console, also known as the Google Webmaster Tool, is potentially the most useful free SEO audit tool on this list. In fact, without access to the data provided by Search Console, it’s practically impossible to improve modern-day SEO.

Simply put, it is by far the most trustworthy source of information regarding how Google crawls and ranks your websites. It’s also one of the few sites where you can get 100% accurate keyword data.

Key Features

  • The Google Search Console provides customers with tools and information to assist them in diagnosing some of the most frequent technical SEO issues.
  • With the help of the console, you can check that all of your website’s pages can be accessed by Google’s web crawlers, make sure that new pages are being indexed when they should be, and get notifications when Google finds indexing or spam problems.
  • Aside from technical SEO tools, the console allows marketers to view their whole backlink profile and watch all of their keyword ranking positions on the SERPs.



3. SiteChecker Pro


SiteChecker Pro is a cloud-based web crawler that identifies technical SEO issues with your websites.

You may receive a thorough technical SEO audit in a matter of minutes with the SEO audit tool.

A wide range of other SEO services are available on the platform, such rank tracking, monitoring, and backlink tracking.

Key Features 

  • SEO monitoring
  • Fixing SEO problems
  • Competitor Research
  • SEO Reporting


SiteChecker Pro provides a 7-day free trial to allow users to test the platform.

4. Ahrefs SEO Site Audit Tool


Ahrefs is another famous SEO audit tool that many websites use to improve their search performance. It offers tools for keyword research, rank tracking, content research, and competitive information, among other things.

Key Features 

  • Ahrefs is totally cloud-based, to start. This indicates that Ahrefs will offer all computing resources for the cost of your membership in order to carry out your audits and other services.
  • The Ahrefs site audit tool automatically identifies over 100 technical and on-page SEO issues that can be hurting your ranks in the SERPs.
  • Ahrefs’ best part is that these concerns are categorised and gathered into reports with full-color graphics that you can print and share with your team or display to clients.


Ahrefs is a premium SEO tool, thus you must sign up for it.

5. Moz SEO Audit Tool


Moz is a well-known SEO tool provider as well as a significant SEO agency. Website owners rely heavily on Moz products in their SEO efforts. SEO professionals employ Moz rank, domain authority, and page authority as metrics when link building with other sites. Moz provides both free and paid products aimed at small and large enterprise organizations.

These are the free tools that Moz provides:

  • Open Site Explorer
  • Keyword Explorer
  • MozBar
  • Business Listing
  • Business Console
  • Research Categories

Key Features

  • Site audits: We crawl your website on demand, identifying technical SEO issues and recommending changes and solutions.
  • Track the success of hundreds (or thousands) of your traffic-generating keywords across 170+ search engines with rank tracking.
  • Analysis of backlinks: The Moz link index is the best available. View analytics for any website in a matter of seconds, such as the domain authority and anchor text.
  • Discover thousands of keywords to target, as well as Keyword Difficulty scores, competitor research, and SERP analysis.


Free Trial

6. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

screaming frog

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is an SEO audit tool that assists you in extracting and auditing data to help you address SEO issues and enhance your on-site SEO.

The tool is extremely efficient, capable of scanning both small and big locations and displaying the results in real time.

Key Features

When it comes to technical SEO auditing, a better question to ask regarding SEO Spider is: What can’t it do? Use SEO spider to uncover broken links on your website, find pages with weak or missing metadata, produce accurate XML sitemaps to get your sites indexed faster, diagnose and repair faulty redirect chains, discover duplicate pages, and more.


SEO Spider is available in both free and paid editions. The free edition has a 500 URL crawl restriction, as well as limitations on other functions.

7. PageSpeed Insights

page speed insight

Google PageSpeed Insights is another another SEO auditing tool. The tool, like Lighthouse, conducts checks on your URLs and assigns you a score depending on what it discovers.

PageSpeed Insights is concerned with both loading times and user experience.

To use the tool, go to the PageSpeed website and enter the URL to scan before starting the audit.

Key Features 

  • Page loading speed is quickly becoming one of the most critical technical SEO elements that search engines employ to determine SERP ranking.
  • Visitors are less inclined to stick around and wait for their material to load if pages take a long time to load.
  • That means low conversion rates, a greater bounce rate, and a disappointing client experience.



8. SERanking Website Audit Tool


SERanking is an all-in-one SEO software package that includes a technical website audit tool. The audit tool provides all of the tools required to examine your site’s important search variables in a simple solution.

Key Features

  • Keyword Research.
  • Backlink Analysis.
  • Keyword Rank Tracking.
  • Competitive Analysis.
  • Site Audit.



Are SEO Audit Tools Beneficial?

SEO audit tools assist you in analyzing critical SEO elements to ensure your site achieves the best potential rankings.

There are numerous aspects that influence SEO, and SEO audit tools make it much easier to check them.

A good SEO audit tool will look at the following factors:

  • Track crawlability to ensure that Google can find your pages.
  • Examine the page titles and metadata.
  • Examine for broken links.
  • Find duplicate content
  • Check that robots.txt is not blocking any pages.

In addition to examining your website, SEO audit tools quantify what they discover, making it simpler for you to comprehend the general health of your website.

The finest website audit solutions also link with other critical tools like Google Analytics, allowing you to automate and schedule crawls in advance.


The 8 SEO audit tools described above provide a complete list of everything you’ll need for routinely evaluating and analyzing your websites. Your site rankings and general business performance will rapidly deteriorate if you overlook the health of your SEO website.

Start utilizing these tools right away to observe the distinction they can make in the way search engines rank your websites and let us know your experience in comment section.

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