Best Google Chrome Extension for Social Media Marketing 2023

Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketing

Social media is a beautiful platform and a great way to promote your brand and build your followers.

Fortunately, by using powerful extensions to enhance web browser performance, you can increase productivity and reduce the amount of work required on all social media platforms.

According to the latest statistics on web browser growth and usage, Google Chrome is the most popular web browser, while Internet Explorer and Firefox continue to decline in usage and popularity.

So I’ll focus on the top-of-the-line Google Chrome extensions for social media marketing that every social media professional should use.

There are a lot of Google Chrome extensions for social media marketing, but these are the ones we use every day that work best for social media marketers.

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5 Best Free Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketing

1. VidIQ Chrome Extension for Youtube 

VidIQ lets you know what’s suitable for YouTube high-level videos, so you can apply them to your own videos. You can use the extension to evaluate any of your current videos and gain insights on how to improve SEO friendliness and popularity so you don’t waste any video content.

Key Features:

•   YouTube keyword research

•   VidIQ analytics

•   Best time to post

•   Top playlists

•   Embed URLs

•   Videos

•   Subscriber analysis

•   Competitors

Add VidIQ Chrome Extension

2.  Instagram For Desktop

It is the best extension for using Instagram from a desktop view. Use the mobile version of Instagram directly in your Chrome browser. You can upload and download photos and videos from Instagram.

Key features:

•   To Run desktop app for Instagram
•   Easy to upload and download Instagram pictures and videos in one click.

3.  Inoreader- Search for Relevant Content

Using a content reader can help you master the most important sources of information – content that comes directly to you, saving you time checking each site.

With Inoreader, you can also monitor news about specific keywords and save pages from the web for later viewing or subscribing to social feeds. And when you need to find your favorite past content, you can rely on powerful free search and full subscription archives.

Inoreader also tracks items you’ve read, so even if you sign in on another device, you’ll only see items you didn’t read when you came back.

Browser: Google Chrome, Firefox

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4.  SEMrush Social Media Poster – Schedule & Post

SEMrush Social Media Poster is a free tool, you can use your free SEMrush account to schedule 10 posts for a social profile and 1,000 posts for all paid plans.

Did you find something to share while browsing the web? With the Social Media Posters extension, you can schedule posts anywhere on the Internet to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn with a single click, and the tool will be posted as soon as you need them.

Social media posters are an automated tool designed to help you easily engage your audience and manage content among all major social networks from one tab;

Key Features:

•   The SEMrush social media poster can be posted across multiple social channels with a single click.

•   Retweet any post on Twitter or schedule it to be posted later by clicking the extension icon below the tweet.

•   Schedule and post posts to social media like LinkedIn, Facebook personal and business pages, and Twitter.

•   Schedule posts to Instagram and use smart reminders to post them at a given time.

•   Hover and click to share the image.

Add SEMrush Social Media Poster Chrome Extension

5.  Rite Tag – Find Hashtag

Rite tag offers the best hashtag suggestions for images and texts on any site (great for social media like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Buffer, Hootsuite).

Key Features:

•   Click on any of the hashtags in the bar to see in-depth suggestions.

•   To add any hashtag in your post, just click on that.

•   To copy all suggested hashtags to your clipboard, Just click on the copy button.

•   To compare stats of hashtags currently shown in the bar, Just click on the compare option.

•   Click the RiteTag browser button to display/hide the RiteTag bar.

•   Close the extension for a specific domain.

Add Rite Tag Google Chrome Extension

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re a small business or a startup, Chrome extensions can be your savior, even if you don’t realize it.

Now that these Google Chrome extensions for social media marketing have become more efficient, you can now become a social media ninja. The next time you start using Chrome, don’t forget to use these extensions.

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