Free Chrome Extension for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 2023

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Looking for a list of free Chrome SEO extensions for SEO to help you work quicker and smarter?

This isn’t a haphazard collection of extensions. All of these tools have been thoroughly examined and confirmed to be worthy of your attention.

We utilize them on a daily basis at work as well. Because the list comprises extensions, we’ve divided them into categories for your convenience.

List of Best Free Chrome Extension for SEO

1. SEO Minion

SEO Minion may assist you with common SEO activities such as Page SEO analysis Break-link inspections and SERP previews, among others.

Key Feature:

  • Check Expired Links
  • Checker for Hreflang
  • SERP Sneak Peek
  • Location Checker for SERPs
  • Location Checker for SERPs (v/s)

Price: Free

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2. Moz Bar

MozBar is a Chrome extension from Moz that allows you to gain fast SEO insights about different websites or search engine results pages (SERPs) without ever leaving your browser.

MozBar is a free Chrome plugin that makes it simple to access linked metrics and perform SEO tasks whenever and wherever you want. When you search, MozBar displays link metrics for pages and domains, as well as the number of backlinks to DA, PA, and sites.

Key Features:

Authority Scores

Price: Free; MozBar Premium, free 30-day trial, then paid plans from $99/mo

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3.  SEO Quake

SEOquake is a free browser plug-in from SEMrush that gives you access to natural research data at the push of a button. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are currently Seoquake-compatible browsers. It displays key indicators like Alexa Rank, Google Index, Bing Index, and others.

Key Feature:

  • Info on backlinks, whois info, traffic info, number of pages indexed, domain age, and Alexa rank.

Price: Free

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4. SeoStack Keyword Tool

The SEOStack keyword tool is a free tool that helps you locate long-tail keywords fast and simply.
It’s a strong keyword research tool that may help you improve your SEO and content marketing.

This is a simple and quick tool for generating long tail keywords. Using multiple different search engines, it may produce hundreds of low-competitive, long-tailed keywords.

Key Features:

  1. Get keyword suggestions from the following search engines: Google, YouTube, Soldiers, Yahoo!, Amazon, eBay, Ducks, and ducks.
  2. Export keywords to CSV file.
  3. Open tool in multiple tabs for easy use.

Price: Free

Get SeoStack Keyword Chrome Extension

5. Keyword Everywhere

The keyword Everywhere chrome plugin is a free tool that displays monthly searches, cost-per-click, and competitive data for over 15 websites.

Key Features for Free Users:  

The keyword “Everywhere” displays a trending chart in the widget on Google’s right side, with relevant keywords, and “people are also searching” keywords. They can also view estimated natural visits and the top 5,000 keywords on all Google pages. On YouTube, they can also see Search Insights widgets and Tag widgets.

Key Features for Paid users:

To view monthly searches, cost-per-click, competition, and trending data, users need to purchase points. The home page lists the supported 15 or more websites at Paid users will also see historical searches and trend charts.


Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

Price: Free

Get Keyword Everywhere Chrome Extension

6.  AHREFs SEO Toolbar

SEO Toolbar by Ahrefs, Instant page SEO reports, broken link inspectors, redirect trackers, and the most important SEO indicators for any web page in your web browser.

Using Ahrefs’ SEO toolbar, you can quickly browse the SEO reports of the pages you visit. 

Key Features:

  • Title and description
  • Standardized web sites
  • Indexability and Crawlability (robot meta-tagging and X-Robots-Tag);
  • Headers and subheads
  • Number of words
  • Social tags (open map tags and Twitter cards)
  • Localization (hreflang)
  • The link break inspector in Ahrefs’ SEO toolbar can scan any web page for broken outlines (exportable).
  • The redirect tracker allows you to test the redirect and track the full path of the redirect chain.
  • The rank position number is displayed on the SERP.

Price: $99/mo for Ahrefs Lite


Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

Get Afrefs Tool Bar 

7.  Similar Web

You can view site traffic and key metrics for any site, including engagement rates, traffic rankings, keyword rankings, and traffic sources.

Key Features:

Website ranking: You can see the ranking of specific sites globally, in specific countries, and in the categories to which they belong.

Price: Free

Get Similar Web Chrome Extension

8. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Is search engine marketing giving you the creeps? The purpose of this tool is to assist you. Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider allows you to crawl website URLs, add crucial parts for SEO analysis, and repair found faults, simplifying a time-consuming procedure. Detecting broken connections, finding duplicate pages, and developing site visualisations are just a few of the components.

Key Features:

What we appreciate about it: Search engine marketing is a tricky business. Screaming Frog makes it simple with automated URL analysis that highlights potential problems and allows you to quickly resolve them.

Price: Screaming Frog Lite is free; the paid subscription costs $160 per year.

Get Screaming Frog

9. NoFollow

Marketers can use NoFollow to examine a map of web pages that have the nofollow metatag inserted in them. Task is to identify any external web pages that are backlinking to their websites using indexed links because nofollow connections do not contribute to SEO metrics. NoFollow inspects pages that you don’t want indexed, such as landing pages, to see if they’re coded correctly and highlights any broken links.

Key Features:

Nofollow links can have an impact on your SEO but do not appear naturally in data. NoFollow allows you to identify these links and guarantee that they are properly coded.

Prices: Free

Get Nofollow

10. PageSpeed Insights by Google

PageSpeed Insights, a component of Google Webmaster Tools, is an SEO tool that offers information on desktop and mobile sites. PageSpeed Insights assigns a score to the site and makes recommendations for how to improve the web pages load faster after an analysis.

Key Features:

When it comes to websites, faster is better. PageSpeed identifies locations where you may speed up your page and enhance your search ranking.

Price: Free

Get PageSpeed Insights by Google

11. Redirect Path

Redirect Path is a free chrome SEO extensions for SEO. It is the SEO equivalent of Microsoft Word’s infamous red squiggly line, which warns users about poor language. The 301, 302, 404, 500, Meta, and JavaScript HTTP Status Codes, as well as Meta and JavaScript redirects, are all flagged by this plugin, allowing you to spot any potential problems right away. Other HTTP headers as well as server IP addresses are also displayed.

Key Feature:

Redirect Path warns you about broken and misdirected links so you can fix them right away.

Price: Free

Get Redirect Path

12. SEO Meta in 1 Click

With a single click, SEO Meta in 1 Click displays all meta tags and important SEO information for a web page. This comprises title and description lengths, URL, header order of presentation, and the amount of images without alt text.

Key Feature:

One click offers you the big hitters of SEO impact, such as title and description lengths and no-text images, as the name implies, allowing you to make the changes that matter the most.

Price: Free

Get SEO Meta in 1 Click

13. Hunter

Hunter makes it simple to quickly retrieve contact information in your browser. An icon in Chrome allows you to access this process, which is called “Domain Search.” Hunter locates all of a website’s associated email accounts.

Key Feature:

What is the best way to contact potential customers? Hunter locates all of the email addresses associated with your website, allowing you to ensure that users have a dependable point of contact and that all email addresses are current.

Price: Basic plan is free; premium plans begin at $49 per month.

Get Hunter

Wrapping Up

Finding the best free chrome SEO extensions for SEO can assist reduce your SEO stress and increase the effect of your site. Furthermore, many of the tools mentioned above provide helpful information on how to improve abilities such as backlink development and keyword accuracy. In no time, you’ll be aceing the SEO component of Marketing 101. As a result, your website’s search engine rankings will rise dramatically.

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