18 Trending Developer Communities to Follow in 2023

developer communities

Software development is an extremely intriguing, exciting, and entertaining field – but it is also really difficult.

Software development is a profession that needs ongoing support and direction in today’s competitive environment. It can be challenging for developers to flourish without some form of support or community connection because there are so many widely used languages, frameworks, tools, and libraries to pick from.

Developer communities facilitate communication between developers and those who have encountered the same challenges and triumphs.

Developers rely on these networks to establish connections with colleagues and mentors who have similar experience, mistakes, and accomplishments in this field.

Here is a list of some of the top online software development communities.

Lets get started!

Best Developer Communities You Should Join in 2022

1. GitHub


Github supports a community of over 40 million individuals who learn, share, and collaborate to build software. The GitHub Community Forum allows you to express ideas and participate in discussions about topics that interest you.

2. Stack Overflow


Stack Overflow is a free and open community for all coders. They assist you in locating your ideal career, finding solutions to your most challenging programming concerns, and privately imparting information to your teammates. You can acquire answers to over 16.5 million queries and give back by sharing your knowledge with others.

3. HackerNews


Hacker News is a social news website that focuses on computer science and entrepreneurship. As stated on their website, anything that piques someone’s intellectual curiosity may be posted. One of the best developer communities, it’s a terrific place to share your experiences and learn from other devs.

4. Hackernoon

HackerNoon is an independent tech news community where anybody may contribute links to stories they believe should be read. If you like learning about the latest trends in software development and exciting new ideas, this is a wonderful place for you. You can find a ton of articles on cybersecurity challenges, programming languages, and software development that will catch your attention.

5. Hashnode


Hashnode is a platform for connecting with the greatest developers from across the world. It aids developers in resolving problems that arise in everyday life. You can exhibit your most recent projects or post tales to share with the developer community. You are able to ask a question and receive assistance from other community members. You too may launch a blog and market your business.

6. freeCodeCamp

free code camp

freeCodeCamp is a non-profit community that teaches you to code through constructing projects. Every month, they assist millions of people in learning about coding and technology. They provide credentials that necessitate about 300 hours of committed study. You can take as much time as you need because these qualifications are entirely self-paced. Visit the developer’s forum to gain knowledge or discover fresh techniques you may use with your code.

7. Dev.to


Dev is a forum for programmers and developers that covers a wide range of topics, from JavaScript for beginners to web, Python, and CSS for advanced users. There are frequently updated news items, assistance sections, tutorials, career counselling, and forums in this active community in addition to the normal forum entries. It’s an intriguing spot to hang out because there is a true mix of people there with a variety of characteristics.

8. CodeProject


CodeProject is one of the largest developer communities, with 14+ million Software Developers united in shared goals: to learn, educate, and have fun. Members from all corners of the globe join together to freely exchange code, lessons, and information to support one another as software developers.

9. Women Who Code

woman who code

Women Who Code is a developer community dedicated to empowering women in technology. They have 200,000 members who are career-aged tech workers from all levels of the industry. Through their worldwide developer network, you may discover coding tools, leadership opportunities, job openings, and events that can boost your technical abilities.

10. Reddit


Reddit is the home of thousands of developer communities, never-ending discourse, and real human interaction. You may follow more than 130,000 active groups, or what Redditors termed “Subreddits,” on the site. Of course, there are sizable subreddits for software engineers and developers that provide countless endless streams of discussion. You can follow the following subreddits, as well, as examples: r/LearnProgramming, r/Coding, and r/AskProgramming.

11. Codementor Community


The Codementor Community is a thriving meeting place for veteran developers, junior developers, and everyone in between (Codementor is an Arc product). There, you may network with other developers, pick and choose the programming articles and coding courses you want to read, and even customise your reading list.

A useful feature: you may access both Codementor and Arc with a single login!

12. GitLab 

gitlab 1

GitLab is another well-liked developer forum that is very open source-friendly. Despite the fact that the websites resemble GitHub, GitLab actually combines Gogs and Gitea, thus it has its own issue tracker (which can be synced with external trackers like JIRA) and chat rooms for each project you work on if necessary.

13. Devpost


Devpost allows you to hire software professionals and interact with other firms in the development community. You can discover local contests, get-togethers, or projects. Hiring managers may also publish job openings on their website, so if you’re looking for a new challenge, this is worth a look!

14. Digital Ocean

digital ocean

Developers help developers on Digital Ocean. The purpose of their community is to assist you if you have queries, a big idea, or something to offer. The open-source community should prosper, according to them. You can look through a number of tutorials and queries. Additionally, using the DigitalOcean API, you can investigate the tools that their developer community has created.

15. Coderwall


Coderwall is another rich and diverse community that spans the entire spectrum of web development. It offers a dedicated tips area with advice on how to solve issues or pick up new skills, as well as a wealth of resources for both beginning and advanced programmers. The community is generally helpful and industrious, and you may learn a lot from it.

You can question or post nearly anything related to programming, however there are distinct sections for tips, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, iOS, and other topics.

16. Bytes


Bytes is a more typical forum for developers and IT professionals. It’s a dynamic forum with a wide range of posts covering technology, web, development, languages, and other relevant topics. Even though there is a lot of banter on the website, there doesn’t seem to be any toxic behaviour at all. The community is genuinely friendly and helpful.

17. CoffeeCup


CoffeeCup features forums on a variety of topics, including software and web design. This is a different typical forum group, but it appears vibrant and contains regular posts from all around the world on a range of topics. You can sign up for free and publish right away if you’d like because you don’t need an invitation.

The topics range from ordinary conversation to programming languages, responsive design, CSS, Bootstrap, and other topics. The developer community is incredibly diverse, ranging from highly skilled professionals to amateurs and people exploring careers in the field. The majority of the conversation is constructive and uplifting, which is encouraging for an open forum.

18. Laracasts


Laracast is one of the finest ways to learn how to programme and design websites using Laravel from the ground up. It has a large community where you can ask questions if you don’t understand something, the courses are simple to follow, and the instructor has a strong and clear voice.

Communities for Programmers of All Levels

That concludes our list of the top developer communities online, and we sincerely hope it has been helpful in your search for a community that will foster your learning, development, and success.

Use this list as a jumping-off point. There are countless online developer communities, and joining a few of them has no negative effects. You can easily find communities for specific platforms or languages by performing a Google search.

If you want to go further, there are many local gatherings that offer a terrific chance to get out and remind yourself that developers are just as kind and helpful in person as they are passionate and committed to the job on their screens.

Please leave us a comment below with any queries you may have or to recommend more excellent online groups for software developers. And, if you haven’t already, bookmark onlineseosupport.com to stay up to date on all things digital marketing, SEO, and technology.

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