80+ Press Release Submission Sites 2023 – High DA & PR [Updated]

Press Release Submission Sites

PR release site submission is one of the most powerful off-page SEO methods. There are numerous free press release distribution websites that feature do-follow backlinks to the website, which are very helpful for SEO.

We’ve compiled a list of websites with high domain authority where you can publish a press release and get high-quality backlinks to raise the authority of your website.

This post will assist you in obtaining several high-quality backlinks from reputable websites.

Lets get started!

What is the Press Release Submission?

Free press release submission refers to the news that a corporation or business gives and that can be shared on different press release websites. A website will receive a tonne of traffic and purchases in a short period of time after submitting news to free press release submission sites. If you have a do-follow backlink, it is also highly beneficial to your search engine rating.

Why is Press Release Submission Required?

One of the few off-page SEO techniques that is truly successful at promoting your company’s brand value is the submission of press releases.

If you’ve just introduced a new service or product, you should create a press release about it that is both fascinating and pertinent.

In that case, begin sending to several free press release submission websites, which will enable you to capture readers’ attention. In many ways, it is like submitting article content.

In addition to increasing your company’s visibility, press release submission can greatly assist you in obtaining a one-way link from reliable websites, which is really beneficial from an SEO perspective.

Paid Press Release Submission Site vs Free Press Release Submission Site

There are both paid and no-cost websites where you can submit press releases.

The following list will show you how basic the free internet press release submission services are. It’s quite doubtful that using free submission services would help you reach your goal of receiving media attention from reputable newspapers. Set realistic expectations and just consider using these services as a free way to gain a little exposure.

Some free press release submission websites are rumoured to be excellent for technophobes due to their user-friendly layout. But do believe us. Giving up quality for usability is a certain method to send your press release straight to a journalist’s spam folder.

The platforms that charge a fee, in particular the market leaders, have a significant reach into important news and media channels. Although they don’t promise results, these services can be highly pricey.

Where to Submit a Press Release?

If you want to extend the reach of your press release beyond what you can do via email, online submission tools could be the answer. These services provide you access to a much wider audience than you could likely achieve on your own by being able to swiftly distribute your press release to thousands of people and organisations.

In relation to that, reputable services for submitting press releases will provide analytical tools available so you can learn how your press release is received.

Here are a few popular paid websites for submitting press releases online. If you’re thinking about hiring someone to distribute your press release to all four corners of the globe, these are terrific places to start.

5 Top Paid Press Release Submission Sites with High DA

1. Newswire

One of the most popular press release distribution platforms, providing extensive newswire dissemination as well as influencer marketing.

In addition to having the option to include a variety of multimedia in each release, can include Google News, Business Journals Network, Reuters, and AP outreach. To monitor the success of a campaign, analytics are also accessible.

Prices from: $349 per domestic press release and $1,999 per global press release.

Submit PR on Newswire

2. PR Newswire

The company claims to have the greatest press release distribution network of media outlets, internet, and social platforms, but such a huge reach comes at a steep cost.

A few notable characteristics include having access to 550 news content systems, 4,000 websites, and 3,000 media outlets. Put audio, video, and photo files in your multimedia documents. and advertising success tracking statistics.

Prices from: Around $1,000 per press release.

Submit PR on PR News Wire

3. eReleases

Website that distributes press releases and aims to provide the best value for the money. It provides a $100 discount on its Buzz Builder package to all new users.

Releases can be up to 400 words long and are submitted to over 4700 syndicated submission sites.

Prices from: $299 to $599 per press release

Submit PR on eRelease

4. 24-7 Press Release

Since 2004, a specialised distribution service for press releases has been available to small and medium-sized businesses.

The basic level merely uploads a press release to their website; higher tiers disseminate it to the AP and thousands of media outlets. Additionally, multimedia can be integrated into higher-level packages.

Prices from: $29 to $419 per release.

Submit PR on 24-7 Press Release

5. MarketWired

MarketWired offers a customizable news delivery platform that can be configured for any customer and any kind of outreach.

Global news media, trade media, and specialist media can all be targeted for outreach. Additionally, it is designed with investor relations in mind, assisting them in meeting disclosure announcement and regulatory filing deadlines.

Prices from: Around $460 per release.

Submit PR on MarketWired

Top Free & Paid Press Release Submission Sites 2023

Below is a list of the best websites for submitting press releases that have been hand-selected from among the thousands of blogs available online. The websites are listed according to their traffic, social media followers, domain authority, and freshness.

Sr. No.WebsiteDAType of LinkBacklink TypeApproval TimeGeographical ReachIndustry FocusAdditional Services
11888pressrelease.com49FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
224-7pressrelease.com80FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
3betanews.com46FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
5cgidir.com45FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
6clickpress.com67FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
7contactanycelebrity.com59FreeDoFollow2-4 daysGlobalGeneral
8news.eboomwebsolutions.com47FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
9ereleases.com60PaidDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
10express-press-release.net56FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
11freeprnews.co.uk57FreeDoFollow2-4 daysUKGeneral
12helpareporter.com53FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
13icrowdnewswire.com42FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
14i-newswire.com51FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
15issuewire.com57FreeDoFollow2-4 daysGlobalGeneral
16loop-pr.co.uk48FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
17marketwire.com55PaidDoFollowContactGlobalGeneralCustomizable news delivery platform
18marketpressrelease.com40FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
19nanotech-now.com51FreeDoFollow2-4 daysGlobalTechnology
20newswiretoday.com46FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
21onlineprnews.com49FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
22onlywire.com54FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
23openpr.com52FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
24pr.com48FreeDoFollow2-4 daysGlobalGeneral
25pr9.net53FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
26pr-inside.com54FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
27prbuzz.com51FreeDoFollow2-4 daysGlobalGeneral
28pressbox.co.uk45FreeDoFollow1-2 daysUKGeneral
29pressexposure.com49FreeDoFollow2-4 daysGlobalGeneral
30prmac.com28FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalTechnology
31pressreleasesonline.co.uk55FreeDoFollow1-2 daysUKGeneral
32pressreleasespider.com45FreeDoFollow2-4 daysGlobalGeneral
33prleap.com72FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
34prlog.com41FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
35prnewswire.com53FreeDoFollow2-4 daysGlobalGeneral
37prurgent.com39FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
38przoom.com51FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
39rtir.com46FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
40theopenpress.com46FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
41news.thomasnet.com42FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalIndustrial
42tostories.com52FreeDoFollow2-4 daysGlobalGeneral
43bizeurope.com74FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalBusiness
44ukprwire.com58FreeDoFollow1-3 daysUKGeneral
45webwire.com63FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
46prlog.org54FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
47prsync.com46FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
48prfree.org43FreeDoFollow2-4 daysGlobalGeneral
49pressreleasepower.com36FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
50pressreleasepost.com35FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
51briefingwire.com48FreeDoFollow2-4 daysGlobalGeneral
52biz.prlog.org78FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalBusiness
53forpressrelease.com39FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
54freeprnow.com42FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
55einpresswire.com62PaidDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
56directionsmag.com59FreeDoFollow2-4 daysGlobalTechnology
57free-press-release.com62FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
58pressking.com44FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
59npr.org94FreeDoFollow2-4 daysGlobalNews and Media
60pressreleaseping.com36FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
61exactrelease.org56FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
62pressbox.com36FreeDoFollow1-2 daysUKGeneral
63free-press-release-center.info43FreeDoFollow2-4 daysGlobalGeneral
64prbd.net19FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
65postafreepressrelease.com28FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
66prhwy.com26FreeDoFollow2-4 daysGlobalGeneral
67prfire.co.uk38FreeDoFollow1-3 daysUKGeneral
68pressreleasepoint.com61FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
69release-news.com35FreeDoFollow2-4 daysGlobalGeneral
70pr4links.com22FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
71thepressrelease.org16FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
73scoopasia.com37FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
75realtimepressrelease.com15FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
76easy-pressrelease.com9FreeDoFollow2-4 daysGlobalGeneral
77newpressrelease.com25FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobalGeneral
79free-news-distribution.com12FreeDoFollow1-2 daysGlobalGeneral
80prfire.co.uk/press_releases38FreeDoFollow2-4 daysUKGeneral
81multifamilybiz.com/pressreleases/create43FreeDoFollow1-3 daysGlobal

Please note that the Websites’ parameters like DA, approval time, and industry focus might change over time, so it’s always good to check the websites individually for the most up-to-date information.

How to Post Free PR on Press Release Sites?

  • Look up the websites that publish press releases.
  • Visit the website and provide the necessary information to create an account, including your username, password, and email address.
  • Validate the account.
  • You must include the headline, summary, keywords, contact information, and any information requested by the website for submission of a press release.
  • The site must first approve your press release before it can be published, therefore you must wait for it to happen.
  • Some websites will demand that you purchase a bundle in order to use their services.


These are the top high-PR press release submission sites that have a track record of generating a ton of traffic and quick business for their clients. They are other off-page tactics for ranking higher in Google.

I sincerely hope you have liked reading this list of free press release websites. If you know of any new press release websites that are not on this list, kindly email us at writeforus@onlineseosupport.com.

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