10 Best Keyword Research Tools: Reviews & Comparison

Best Keyword Research Tools

Are you seeking the best SEO keyword research tools?

Keyword research is essential for increasing traffic to your website. It assists you in creating the ideal content to improve your organic search traffic.

Choosing the right keyword research tool might be difficult, especially if you’re new to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In this article, we’ll go through the top keyword research software that pros use to increase the traffic to their websites.

What is a Keyword Research Tool?

A keyword research tool can help you identify topic ideas that people are looking for on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Amazon.

This makes it easier for you to locate content ideas that appeal to your audience. After that, you can create your content strategy to include those ideas in your blog posts and landing pages.

Keyword research tools can also show you seed keywords and long-tail keywords that your competitors are ranking high for. After that, you may tweak your content to target such keywords and attract their visitors.

What are the Best Keyword Research Tools?

Keyword research tools assist SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists in identifying terms or phrases that people use to search for information in search engines. These tools offer comprehensive SEO data for a keyword, including keyword traffic, competitiveness, CPC, top-ranking pages, etc. However, the majority of these keyword research tools are premium and pricey.

The following is a list of the best keyword research tools. Despite some of them being paid, they all provide quite substantial free trials.

List of Best Keyword Research Tools Online in 2023

1. SEMrush – Advance SEO Professionals

semrush- Best Keyword Research Tools:

SEMrush is not only a keyword research tool; it’s the Swiss Army Knife of SEO. SEMrush recommends five to ten highly precise keywords that your competitors are already using, rather than generating a list of keywords. But that’s only one of its numerous, extraordinarily potent powers.

SEMrush Tool Features

  • Discover long-tail keywords and ad group suggestions.
  • finding yearly keyword trends
  • Statistics on CPC dispersion worldwide
  • A complete keyword research software set is available.
  • Analyses of keyword difficulty and insights on organic traffic

Get a Free Trial: Semrush provides a 14-day FREE Trial + Paid Plans – Pro, Guru, and Business.

2. Ahrefs – Excellent for Advanced SEO, Site Research, & Click Analytics

AHREF- Best Keyword Research Tools:

Ahrefs is another best keyword research tools available online. The software offers a user-friendly keyword report that is comprehensive and uses clickstream data to produce specific click metrics.

Ahref Features

  • Accurate keyword difficulty score 
  • Supported in over 171 countries
  • Click metrics to increase CTR
  • Comprehensive SERP overview

Get a Free Trial: One-time fee (no monthly costs) with a 14-day money-back assurance!

3. Ubersuggest – Excellent for Local, Intermediate SEO, & Content Marketers

UberSuggest- Best Keyword Research Tools:

Ubersuggest is a powerful tool by Neil Patel that provides information on search traffic, keyword ideas, an estimation of how challenging it will be to rank for your phrase (keyword difficulty), and more. You can get a table of the top 100 Google results for that keyword, along with estimated traffic, backlinks, a domain score, and total social shares.

Ubersuggest Features:

  • It offers a thorough SEO report so you can see how your competitors are performing for various keywords.
  • Organic keywords can be discovered on other websites.
  • Ubersuggest aids in your understanding of the backlinks that affect your rankings the most.
  • Each Keyword’s search volume, competition, and seasonal changes are all visible.
  • It provides a list of keywords depending on what other people type into Google.
  • This keyword research tool assists you in creating better content based on the themes that people are interested in.

Get a Free Trial: Ubersuggest provides a 7-day FREE trial as well as LIFETIME plans starting at $120 with no monthly fees and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. InstaKeywords – Best for Ease of Use and Affordability

Instakeywords- Best Keyword Research Tools:

InstaKeywords is a keyword research tool that provides a plethora of term suggestions. It gives vital information such as the number of searches in the previous month, local search traffic, competition score, and so on.

Instakeywords Features

  • All keywords can be exported with a single click.
  • Instakeywords enables keyword searches from mobile devices such as Android phones and iPads.
  • Graphics and advertisements are absent.
  • Using this keyword tool, you may get data and keywords on a single page.
  • Instakeywords can assist you in locating long-term keywords.

Get a Free Trial: One-time fee (no monthly costs) with a 14-day money-back guarantee!

5. Answer the Public – Best for Generating Question Keywords 

Answer the public- Best Keyword Research Tools:

Answer the Public is a keyword research tool that assists you in obtaining a report with statistics to demonstrate the campaign’s efficacy. This application is available in the United States, Australia, Afghanistan, and other countries.

Answer the the Public Features:

  • This free keyword research tool for writers may identify 1500 high-ranking keywords worldwide.
  • It offers comprehensive data visualization and is a free keyword tool.
  • Any word you type in the search textbox will automatically generate suggestions for material or articles relevant to it.
  • It supports languages such as English, Polski, and others.

Get Free Trial: The free plan allows you to look for three keywords each day.

6. KWFinder – Excellent for Competitive Keyword Research

KWfinder- Best Keyword Research Tools:

KWFinder was developed by Mangools, a developer known for creating the best keyword research and analysis tools in a variety of industries.  The KWFinder tool makes it simple to locate keywords with minimal SEO difficulty, among other valuable features.

KWFinder Features 

  • A distinct and simple-to-use user interface
  • Find keywords in any language target and from any location.
  • Pick from the list of effective keywords.
  • Obtain detailed information on keyword competition
  • Detailed SERP analysis and a set of recommendations
  • Use filters to narrow down the list of keyword suggestions.

Get Free Trial: Sign up for a 10-day FREE trial and get 5 lookups each day, 25 related keywords, and 10 rival keywords every lookup.

7. SEO PowerSuite – Ideal for Site Owners that Want to See Results

SEO Powersuit- Best Keyword Research Tools:

SEO Powersuite is one of the best keyword research tools if you want a full solution. Its all-inclusive toolbox has everything you need to optimise on-page and off-page SEO. You’ll get basic keyword research tools as well as mobile, social media, and other optimization choices.

SEO Powesuite Features 

  • Complete SEO audit
  • Rival rank tracking
  • Professional SEO reports
  • Cloud storage (up to 400 projects)
  • Client-branded reports
  • Link administration and backlink history

Get a Free Trial: Start with a 10-day FREE trial that includes 5 lookups every 24 hours, 25 related keywords, and 10 competitor keywords each lookup.

8. Keyword Chef – Best for Keyword Discovery & Real-time SERP Analysis

14685224501673620419sst 5 keywordchef

Keyword Chef is a keyword research tool that assists you in identifying helpful phrases that are easier to rank for than other search terms. It will offer you with the results based on your input. It analyses the SERPs to determine the relevance of each keyword.

Chef keyword  Features:

  • Clears all the garbage words for you, making it easier to find the words.
  • It identifies and highlights the best sites for you automatically, which saves you a lot of time.
  • large-scale real-time SERPs
  • No monthly costs, only pay for the keywords you use.
  • It easily stores your reports and allows you to share them publicly.
  • It provides a Smart wildcard search capability for locating clusters.
  • Utilization is simple.
  • Proper instruction aids are presented directly within the dashboard, making the product easy to grasp and operate.

Get a Free Trial: Get 1000 free keywords

9. Keyword Tool Dominator – Best for Identifying the Most Searched Keywords Immediately


Keyword Tool Dominator is one of the best keyword tools that allows you to look for long-tail keywords that your target audience is looking for. It offers one of the greatest free keyword tools for Amazon, eBay, and other sites. This application will provide you with a list of over a hundred keyword phrases.

Keyword Tool Dominator Features:

  • It offers keyword ideas in real time.
  • It takes less time to find hundreds of keyword recommendations.
  • Keyword Tool Dominator lets you search for phrases based on a single search keyword.
  • This application forecasts the outcomes of other internet users.
  • It provides a list of things it believes you are looking for.
  • You can discover the precise most popular search keywords.

Get Free Trial: Free option includes two daily keyword searches within a 24-hour period.

10. KeySearch – Best for thorough Keyword Competition Analysis

16626780741673620427sst 6 keysearch

Keysearch is a tool that assists you in generating a list of suitable, low-competition keywords for your website or blog. It offers many options for obtaining your key phrases. This application retrieves terms suggested by Google, Amazon, and YouTube, which you can use to perform in-depth keyword competition analysis.

KeySearch  Features:

  • You are limited to five keyword searches per day.
  • You can use it to monitor the backlinks to your website.
  • You can audit your website.
  • This application allows you to produce reports and receive reminders about ranking updates.
  • To learn how it functions, Keysearch offers a video tutorial.
  • You can monitor your website’s rank.
  • It is regularly updated automatically.

Get a Free Trial: Get 5 free searches and analyses every day! (Credit card not necessary!)

Which is the Best Keyword Research Tool? (Expert Pick)

After testing out all the famous keyword research tools, we think SEMRush is the finest ideal choice and the best SEO toolkit overall.

If you’re trying to find a free keyword research tool, check out AnswerthePublic or Google Trends.

To make your keyword research approach work, whether you’re a blogger or an eCommerce site, you must set up Google Analytics and connect Google Search Console to your website.

The average CTR (click-through-rate) on your listing is also displayed by these tools, which also assist you in determining how well your website performs for particular keywords. You can alter your title to increase CTR and raise your keyword ranks.

We really hope that this article was helpful in your hunt for the top SEO keyword research tools. You might also want to read our guide to conducting keyword research for advice on how to conduct your search effectively and use the information you find.

Is there anything here that I overlooked that would be a good tool? Or perhaps you have a question regarding one of the tools I looked at.

Leave a brief comment below straight away in any case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Ahrefs Alternatives?

Based on 15250 verified customer evaluations, the following are the best Ahrefs alternatives.

  • Semrush.
  • SE Ranking.
  • Similarweb.
  • Serpstat.
  • Conductor.
  • Ubersuggest.
  • Google Analytics.
  • SpyFu.

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