Top 5 Free Duplicate Content Checker Tool in 2023

Duplicate Content checker tools

Duplicate content is the worst enemy for any site, and if Google founds duplicate content on your page, it can cost you a fortune. When the search engine indexes a website, it searches the content of the page and then compares the content to other websites that have been indexed.

The consequences of having duplicate content in your blog or your website are that it can be removed from the search engine, or its ranking can be disabled by the search engine for all the keywords you choose.

In view of the severe penalties in which your site may end up if its content is plagiarized, it is strongly recommended that you search for duplication of your current contents and any content you intend to post.

And, here are some of the best free duplicate content checkers to use in 2023:


Duplichecker duplicate Content Checker

This free tool comes with the feature of scanning texts, Doc files, or text files, and you can also perform URL searches with the help of this tool. Scanning of documents or texts doesn’t take much time. It comes with unlimited free searches after you signup (without registration you can check for only 1 time). It’s a very simple, effective, and free tool for duplicate content checking.


Siteliner duplicate Content Checker

Siteliner is available to search entire websites for duplicate content. Just paste the URL of the site into the box and check duplicate, load time, word count per page, internal and external links, etc. The scan can take a few minutes, depending on your site’s size, but the results are worth waiting for. After the scan is over, you can click on the results for more information and even get a sample report as a PDF.


Plagiarisma duplicate Content Checker

The tool provides 3 options for the identification of duplicate content issues. You can scan for an entire document, an article’s URL, or upload file like .txt, .doc, .rtf, and so on. The tool supports more than 190 languages and the precision of the test is assured.


Plagium duplicate Content Checker

This is another free tool where you can add an article with a maximum of 25,000 characters through this tool. It is one of the best Copyscape alternatives with advanced functionality. It also offers email notifications whenever someone’s copied your post, using Yahoo, Bing, and Google Indexer. It also offers premium membership.


Copyspace duplicate Content Checker

It is one of the most common duplicate content checkers. You can search the duplicate content just by entering the URLs. It is a fast and cheap tool. Copyscape provides a range of tools, such as Copyscape, Premium copy (a more efficient payroll plagiarist), Copysentry (a tool that emails you on regular or weekly updates on how your pages are copied on the web) and other apps. You can find a lot of different types of tools.

In a nutshell, there are plenty of tools to choose from, but these are among the world’s most common ones among the internet users. Try it and see which one is better suited to your needs.

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