5 Best AI Video Generators (Add Text to Video Online) for 2023

Add text to video online

Video editing is a time-consuming and labor-intensive procedure. Even the best video editing software requires a significant amount of human intervention to achieve outstanding results.

Fortunately, AI tools are available right now. Artificial intelligence (AI)-based video generators or add text to videos online are the future; they automate the creation and editing of videos without sacrificing quality.

Before learning about the top ai video generator programmes available online, you should understand what an ai video generator is and why we use it.

Let’s get started!

What is an AI Video Generator?

Artificial intelligence (AI) video generators or add text to video online are robust yet user-friendly top video production software solutions. AI video generators use their AI engine to figure out how to organise and communicate textual content in video format, such as a blog post.

Why Should You Create An AI Video?

  • A engaging video can undeniably affect purchasing behavior, ultimately leading to sales.
  • The ability of video content to increase visitors to your website is unmatched.
  • More likes and shares are generated by videos on social media sites than by images and text combined.

How to Create an Innovative AI Video Quickly?

  • Add pictures or videos to the video generator site that are stored on a computer or in stock libraries.
  • Customize your artificial intelligence video by using text, music, and narration.
  • Your video about artificial intelligence can be downloaded in a variety of ratios and definitions or shared with the entire globe online.

Top Best AI Video Generator Tool (Add Text to Video Online)

In this article, we’ll go through some of the greatest AI-powered text-to-video online applications to make your life easier. You’ll soon be able to quickly create interesting movies for your company or personal usage.

1. Synthesia


Synthesia is an Add text to video online maker that allows you to generate professional videos from text in over 50 languages without the use of actors, cameras, or microphones. It’s ideal for small businesses that require additional material but cannot afford to engage specialists, as well as individuals who want to create movies for personal use.

Key Features:

The following are some of the strong characteristics that Synthesia AI video offers.

  • Using more than 40 avatars to produce lifelike AI videos.
  • The ability to build and use your own avatars in video production.
  • It supports 60+ languages.
  • 30+ templates are available for us.
  • Free stock photos and videos
  • Personalized backgrounds
  • Pages for sharing and embedding videos.
  • customer service with a priority and more
  • Free background music is available.
  • Individual avatars


The following two pricing tiers are provided by Synthesia.

Personal Plan: $30 monthly fee gets you access to the features of the personal plan, which is excellent for beginners.

Custom Pricing: This package is tailored to your specific needs and is ideal for corporate enterprises.

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2. InVideo

in video

InVideo is a video generator driven by AI that generates videos from text input. By employing pre-designed and animated templates, this application makes it simple to produce high-quality videos in a short amount of time.

This application may be used to generate a variety of videos, including memes, promotional videos, presentations, video testimonials, slideshows, and much more.

Key Features:

The following are some incredible capabilities offered by the InVideo AI movie producer.

  • A selection of more than 50 AI-powered themes
  • Over 5000 templates are available.
  • It offers iStock audio and video libraries.
  • Autonomous Text to Speech
  • Use filters and transitions to make fantastic videos.
  • It provides advanced editing software for personalising your videos.


Three pricing tiers are available from InVideo:

Free: $0 For everyone who wants to test out InVideo

Business: $15/ month For entrepreneurs, teachers, and influencers

Unlimited: $30/ month For agencies and multiple teams

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3. Lumen5

Lumen ai generators online tool

Lumen5 is a platform for creating videos that enables you to transform content into visually appealing narrative for marketing and brand recognition. With just a few mouse clicks, you can build an interactive story. One of our favourite features is that it employs artificial intelligence to find musical graphics that will enhance your message.

The only thing you need to utilise it is a script, and it takes care of the rest. It locates layouts that are aesthetically pleasing and ideally complement what you’ve written, then it overlays those layouts on a great background.

Key Features:

Lumen5’s text to video ai generator has some really great capabilities, including:

  • Video templates can be dragged and dropped.
  • Millions of stock pictures and videos are available in our content repository.
  • Make as many videos as you like.
  • Colors and styles can be customised.
  • videos are 1080p in size.
  • Add watermarks and typefaces.
  • Upload your own images and videos.


Following are the pricing available in lumen5:

Community: $0 (For sporadic video enthusiasts )

Starter: $59 USD / month (billed yearly, For each content producer individually)

Professional: $149 USD/ month, billed yearly (For the expert video storyteller )

Enterprise: Custom Specialized (For Teams In Marketing & Communications)

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4. Designs.AI

AI is a fantastic AI-powered content creation software that can help you turn your blog entries and articles into compelling movies. A.I. can also help you swiftly design logos, films, and banners.

Key Features:

The amazing features that come with Designs are listed below.

  • Make as many projects as you want
  • Unlimited production of videos
  • A selection of more than 20,000 templates
  • Access to 170 million photos and over 10 million video segments.
  • Over 500K audio files and 50 voices are available for use.
  • access to animations, transitions, and icons for videos
  • Logo creation is limitless


Free Trial for 30 days

BASIC: $29/MONTH (For people, pupils, and marketers who require short, simple initiatives.)

PRO: $69/MONTH (For business owners and small teams who require sophisticated editing and expert templates.)

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5. GliaCloud

gliacloud ai generators online

GliaStudio is a cutting-edge platform driven by AI that enables groups to quickly produce videos and optimise the process of making them. GliaStudio offers an intelligent video creation experience for publishers, marketers, and bloggers with little to no video producing experience.

Key Features:

  • Mass video production
  • 1080p resolution
  • Upload storage that is unique
  • unrestricted use of media resources
  • Theme and features customized for multiple brands


Pro Plan: $300 USD (Ideal for those who tell stories and want to use different media sources to generate video material)

Business Plan: USD $550 (designed for businesses to create videos on a large scale with customized features.)

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Automate Your Work with AI.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can now produce top-notch text-to-video online content without spending hours manually editing it.

If you want to create campaigns or other forms of creative endeavours more quickly to save time, try these AI video generators.

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